Asian Restaurant Tabi

The Double Identity of an Asian Fusion Restaurant

This newly open restaurant invites customers to enjoy high-quality Asian cuisine in a luxurious ambiance with an intimate atmosphere and relaxing music. On weekends, especially in the later hours, the restaurant turns into a stylish club that offers a large selection of quality mixed drinks.


The restaurant is located in a smaller town where people are used to cheap Asian bistros rather than the concept of modern Asian cuisine. Tabi, however, targets mainly local clientele and businessmen. Its aim is to build up a renown and attract new customers who are willing to travel some distance for a unique gastronomic experience. In the evenings the restaurant functions as a club, which was also to be reflected in the new visual style.


When we were coming up with a name for the new restaurant, we were inspired by the owner himself. He travelled and gained experience in the best restaurants around the globe in order to open his own business. The word “tabi” means “a journey” or “to travel” in Japanese, and it was Japan where he first went during his travels and where he learned the most. While testing the name Tabi (mainly among locals) we found out that around 80% of the respondents associate it with Asian or exotic cuisines.

In the logo of the restaurant we used a sans-serif typeface with high-contrast strokes for the name Tabi, complemented with a symbol resembling an Asian character. The symbol consists of the name’s first two letters, one above the other. It represents a hanging lamp, which is the restaurant’s dominant feature and evokes a pleasant intimate atmosphere. To frame the symbol, we took inspiration in the work of Asian artists who use their signatures as stamps on paintings this way. We also worked with a typical red colour which we combined with a deep purple to emphasise the atmosphere.

The whole visual system is interlinked by these two colours and other complementary elements for a wider use on different bases. The natural-material background was inspired by the interior of the restaurant and patterns composed from the Asian symbol are applied to the chopsticks packaging, for example. However, the key graphic elements are the monochromatic illustrations of ingredients typical for Asian dishes, which help convey the restaurant’s concept to customers.

The use of purple enhances the impression of the restaurant’s exclusivity. Each element is used in a playful manner, inducing a friendly atmosphere.

Just as day turns into night, the restaurant transforms into a club. We expressed this symbolism by flipping the symbol in the logo – the hanging lamp becomes a cocktail glass.

To connect the general visual system of the restaurant and club, we maintained the existing patterns and illustrations and just added distinctive spotlight-toned complementary colours.

We provided the client with a mini manual which contained all the important information on how to keep a unified visual style.

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The name Tabi embodies the restaurant’s concept and relates to the travel experience of its owner.

The symbol combines the first two letters of the name and resembles a chandelier, which is a key element of the restaurant’s interior.

The use of natural materials evokes luxury.

The interior abounds in marble and mahogany. In the graphic design we made these materials purple-toned and used them to present the restaurant outside its premises.

The illustrations of Asian cuisine ingredients help clarify the restaurant’s focus.

The symbol is recreated in infinite patterns which are used in the graphic design and the restaurant interior.

The Tabi Club forms part of the restaurant and follows its visual style.

The restaurant transforms into a club in the evening, which is represented by flipping the logo, which turns into a symbol resembling a cocktail glass. Both establishments gain their own visual identity.

The brand manual helps maintain a unified visual style for new materials.

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