Happy Baby

A Website for Future Mums

Happy Baby is a member of the multinational Family Service group operating across Europe. It focuses on topics relating to pregnancy and bringing up children, it also strives to educate the wider public and help future mums.


While analysing the former website, we found out that most users view it on their mobile phones. Its insufficient optimization for mobile devices was the cause of a low visit count and small number of registered users. The original CMS technology wasn’t flexible enough either.


Based on the analysis of the original website, we chose the mobile-first solution to design the structure and layout of the elements on the new site. We focused primarily on designing the registration form and updating data in the user profile.

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  • Web design
  • Typeface Design
  • Illustration
  • SEO
  • Programming

Thanks to the open-source CMS the website is ready for further development.

Web design happybaby.cz

The client truly stands by the slogan “From Mums to Mums with Love” and the website is administered by real moms in their free time. To make access as easy as possible for them, we have chosen a fast, convenient, and user-friendly system.

Up to 80% of users visit the website on mobile devices.

Due to the fact that most users view the site on a mobile device, it was important to create a responsive design.

The annual visit count of the new website increased by 300%.


Také vás asi na začátku trápila otázka, jak se vlastně měří délka těhotenství.

The new font called Kobyla was designed to be easy to read even on small monitors.

Responsive design brought changes to the banner system.

The new design significantly simplified advertisement sales. The banners are always spread over the entire width of the display, both on desktops and mobiles, and the advertiser pays for the monitor height space.

Google-search visits have grown by 140%, not only thanks to the website’s search engine optimization.

seo optimalizace stránek happybaby.cz

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